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CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY is your source for Wedding Photography, Wedding Photographers, Family Portrait Photographers, Photography, Photographers, Beach Wedding Photography, Beach Wedding Photographers and more.

Our Florida service area includes Sarasota, Florida, Siesta Key FL, Bradenton FL, Anna Maria Island FL, Lido Beach, Tampa Bay, Clearwater as well as North Carolina areas including Durham NC, Raleigh NC, and Chapel Hill NC. Contact us for more information.

In an interview with Contemporary Photography, Nancy Miller, owner says that sunset weddings and family portraits on the beach are the most popular for her clients. “Modern brides like a photojournalistic approach to their weddings than the old , ‘grip and grin’ style”.

With their style of wedding photojournalism or documentary approach to weddings in Sarasota, they make sure they get that glisten of a tear in the eyes of the groom before it forms! “Actually it is all about the bride and groom and the photographer because they both interact with each other in that instant, so it is most important that there is a special bond between everyone.” Contemporary Photography makes sure that in most of their wedding packages they include an engagement session just to become familiar with the couple’s way of intereacting with each other. ‘Laughter is the key’ says Nancy. Whether it is a family sunset portrait on the beach, or a wedding on Siesta Key, or Sarasota, or Lido Beach, or Bradenton, Anna Maria Island or Lido Beach – no matter which area, laughter is the key to a great photography success. “The couples or family is relaxed and it shows in the photographs whether for beach photography or wedding photos.” Contemporary Photography goes on to say.

With their distinct photojournalist style of photography Nancy and her team have captured many special moments and has received many accolades for their photojournalism and praise for their wedding photography and family photographs.

Sunset beach weddings and beach portraits on the "finest, whitest sand in the world," Siesta Key, Florida have been Contemporary Photography’s home base since 1997. Covering events and weddings in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Venice, Casey Key, North Port, Sanibel, Captiva, Englewood Beach, Naples, Palm Island, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Cape Haze, Boca Grande, Venice, Anna Maria Island and Tampa.

All Types Of Portraits

Portraits are a great way to preserve the memory of those who will not be around forever, those who will not wait to grow up, and for those moments in time when families share special bonds that are sure to change as the years pass.  We have a passion for making portraits come alive with energy and personality so that the subjects are revealed through each photograph.  We want you to remember not just what someone looked like but who they were at that point in time.

The Secret To Great Portraits

The secret to great portraits is the same whether you are doing Sarasota Beach Family Portraits, Sarasota Seniors Portraits, or children's portraits.  Great portraits tell the story of who a person is at one isolated point in time.  For group portraits the story being told is of the individuals in the photograph as well as the relationships between the individuals in the photograph. 

Senior Portraits Photographer Sarasota Beach and Family Portraits on the beach Sarasota Beach both must tell stories or they do not do justice to their subjects.  Of course, this is not an easy task.  It takes a Sarasota Beach Photographer with experience, skill, and a passion for photography and the perfect portrait to come up with the ideal shot.  These traits are as necessary for a Sarasota Beach Destination Wedding Photographer as they are for a Seniors Photographer Sarasota Beach.

Family Portraits

Our Family Portraits Sarasota Beach can benefit not only from our considerable expertise but also from a prime location and time of day.  Our family Beach Portraits Sarasota Beach always turn out magnificently and can be enhanced even further when they are Sunset Family Portraits Sarasota Beach.  We use every tool at our disposal to give you perfect portraits, even idyllic locations and the most beautiful times of day.

Children And Seniors

Senior and Children Photography Sarasota Beach capture individuals when you have the chance.  Children grow up and seniors grow and change as well so you want to remember them as they were at each stage.  And again for an added touch of style we can be your Children's Photographer Sarasota Beach and Seniors Beach Photographer Sarasota Beach to get your favorite people in your favorite setting.

If you need a Sarasota Beach Beach Wedding Photographer or a portrait photographer of any kind then contact us.  We will reveal personalities in photographs.  If you want to hold on to the ones you love then let us help you do that.

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